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This site celebrates the groundbreaking art style of Christian Howard Seidler and his breathtaking Matricism masterworks. For any art collector or enthusiast, information is both power and energy. Learn about this amazing 20th century Master and see his wonderful soul touching images.

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“We exist in God’s light.” --Christian Seidler

Bill Correll

Hello from! We hope you are experiencing the freshness that comes with this New Year.

Whether this is your first, tenth or 100th visit to ChristianSeidler. com, we wanted to share with you a little more about the artist and his movement.

The Artist on a Quest

Artists are born, not made.

Does an artist develop based on genetics or environmental influence?

When Texas painter Christian Seidler first read this statement in book by author and Robert Henri, founder of the Artist Student League of New York, in Henri’s book The Artist Spirit, he set out to prove it false.

 Is an artist born? Or made?

It wasn't until discovering Matricism--a new art form based on the principles of pointillism--which Christian realized:

Perhaps Henri’s statement was more philosophical--and complicated-- then Christian made it out to be.

Henri was right. Artists are born. But they still need to be developed. And that can take years. The timing depends on something bigger than each of us; something unexplainable. Whether karma, destiny, or God's will, there is a time when an artist blooms. 

This began his second quest.

Christian invented Matricism.

In that too, he overcame a challenge. He had been told often by his dad that no other art forms could be created; everything had been done already.

What is Matricism?

Matricism = Color based on science, rooted in the word matrix.

No, we're not talking about the popular sci-fi film from the late 1990's!

From Merriam –Webster:


Definition of matrix



 Play\ˈmā-trə-ˌsēz, ˈma-\ or 



1.   1:  something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form


To social butterflies, a matrix is a group of close-knit friends. 

To an electrician, a matrix is the crossing of wires.

To a chef, a formula of which foods or recipes go well together.

In simpler terms, a matrix is a grid.

Matricism –the art form--derives from Pointillism, a neo-impressionist painting style invented by French painters Georges Seurat and Paul Signac in 1886. It is a style of painting that uses three individual components—value, intensity and hue—to fuse multiple elements of design into a cohesive visual statement. Essentially, it’s a marriage of Christian's studies in art and science.

"Matricism is the entire process which encompasses every criteria by which the various components of the design decisions are made — the where, the how and most importantly, the why a given element is placed where it is."

The most profound difference in Matricism is in the details; it's scientific, as well as aesthetic.

On a flat block of canvas, Christian communicates hope and grace. He combines   emotion, composition, color balance and natural elements. He attempts to describe the indescribable, and to make visible the unseen. Something not so easy to do on a 2-dimensional canvas!

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 “…And if a painting communicates, it’s a success, and if it speaks volumes, it may be a masterpiece.”

-Christian Seidler


What’s ahead for 2017?

You can expect to see more updates here at the blog, where we'll explore the art, science and philosophy of Matricism and some of the inspiration behind many of Christian’s paintings.

Christian Seidler’s paintings are thought-provoking and beautiful, and what we believe is the better an understanding you have for the technique of Matricism, the stronger an appreciation of Christian Seidler’s paintings or other art work you’ll also have! 

As we leave behind 2016, we thought we’d remind you just what Matricism is, and how art and science complement each other through Christian’s amazing paintings.


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Not only is Christian Seidler the developer of Matricism, he is an accomplished and highly sought after portrait painter. Over the years, he has built a sizable body of work that ranges from portraiture to Realism and Matricism. His master works are nothing short of amazing. For information on buying or consigning,