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This site celebrates the groundbreaking art style of Christian Howard Seidler and his breathtaking Matricism masterworks. For any art collector or enthusiast, information is both power and energy. Learn about this amazing 20th century Master and see his wonderful soul touching images.

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Intro to Caddo Lake, Texas: The Most Honest Lake in Texas

Bill Correll

For the Blue Heron, part of Caddo Lake series Christian combined Impressionistic Realism with Pointillism


The New York Times called it the only honest lake in Texas.

What else would you call a body of water that gets its nickname “honest “for being the only natural body of water in Texas?

What is Caddo Lake?

As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas, and Caddo Lake is no exception.

The Lake is a mixture of freshwater waterways and swampy bayous covering over 25,400 acres of land, and is split halfway between Eastern Texas and Western Louisiana.

It is home to hundreds of plant, fish and bird life.

Perhaps it is most famous for its 400 year old majestic Cypress trees whose roots stretch deep and steady into the murky waters.

Year round, campers, boaters, and tourists infiltrate the lake’s surrounding towns and take part in exploring the watery forests.

It’s a place of beauty, mystery and history.

Caddo Lake is one of the many scenes Christian Seidler was inspired to paint, and in 2008 Christian began his work on his Caddo Lake series ™ paintings.

But it wasn’t just for trying new forms of art, or based on his intense study of the pointillist technique made famous by French painter Georges Seurat, but that he too fell in love with Caddo Lake.

“It was a magical place and made me feel I was going back to ten thousand B.C.,” he said on his website,

Christian felt it also gave him the perfect subject to explore a range of color theory.

“Matricism is easy to learn; you create for yourself a map to follow, but the physics of color is extremely challenging and fun.  There are endless combinations of color to explore; compliments, tri compliments, etc.”

He found all these color opportunities –and Matricism’s challenges--in the colors of Caddo Lake.

“Every color has a vibration like a single note of sound. Different color dots placed close together creates harmony with multiple frequencies, just like in music.”

It took Christian 2 years to perfect his Caddo Lake series, started in 2008. He made the Caddo Lake series available to the public in 2010.


Quick Facts about Caddo Lake:

·      The acreage can fluctuate to as much as 35,000 acres due to flooding in the surrounding areas.

·      Legend has it the Caddo Lake (French name is Lac Caddo), gets its name from the Caddo Indians, or Cadoans, that lived off the land for a century.

·      The lake was formed from an earthquake in 1812.

·      The lake gets its water from Little Cypress Bayou, Big Cypress Bayou, Black Cypress Bayou and Jeems Bayou.

·      It is also known as the only body of fresh water in all of Texas, and the largest in the south. There are a few open areas of the lake especially towards the Louisiana side and a dam in Mooringsport in Louisiana.

·      Best time of year to visit?  Some say its March/April when the dogwoods are in full bloom.

Caddo is great for fisherman.  Several different types of bass, catfish, and pickerel and others.

Some popular bird species in the area include herons, ducks, geese, swans and cranes and loons, and others. There are several amphibian species, and plenty of wildlife.

What’s the best way to see the lake?

Locals say the best way to see the lake is by boat. Either rent your own boat, or sign up for one of the many lake tours available. It’s great for bird watchers, boaters of all kinds, even those who love water sports, but do not forget to watch out for alligators!



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