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This site celebrates the groundbreaking art style of Christian Howard Seidler and his breathtaking Matricism masterworks. For any art collector or enthusiast, information is both power and energy. Learn about this amazing 20th century Master and see his wonderful soul touching images.


The Evolution of Painting

Quest for Innovation


One of America's great Modern Masters, Robert Motherwell made this statement about the future of painting:

"There comes a time when one does reach the Pacific so to speak and there's nowhere else to go. Future generations of painters will have no art of their own"

Two Angels


Matricism: A derivative of Pointillism which utilizes scientific as well as purely aesthetic principals.

In Matricism, the practitioner applies a logical, sequential, and often scientifically-based process to construct a complete pictorial statement which is typically rendered on canvas with oils (though any medium is equally applicable). Executed with small units or dabs of medium, the texture, pattern, and color geometries can play equal parts in expressing myriad levels of consciousness, abstraction, thought, motion, or being — beyond the obvious subject of the work.

Stairway to Heaven


Matricism is the entire process which encompasses every criteria by which the various components of the design decisions are made — the where, the how and most importantly, the why a given element is placed where it is.

Paris at Night


There will always be new songs composed, stories written, and new inventions on the horizon. Is it possible that every style of painting has been discovered?

That future generations will contribute to the evolution of painting?